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PICASO~Systems, GmbH (PICASO) through its installed base in North America, has deployed advanced Passenger Information Systems for the Rail and Light Rail transit industry.

PICASO also can Service and Upgrade old Meister Electronics products.


 CAPTRON has dedicated itself to serve the Traffic & Transport Industry with highly customizable and vandalism-proof sensors for various application areas including but not limited to: 

Driver Dashboard Panels

Stop Request Systems

Entrance Doors Systems

Handicapped Ramps

Lavatories (flush and freshwater button, tank level measurement)

Captron has won major projects with international railcar manufacturers; Siemens, Bombardier and CSA. They also have had projects with bus manufacturers including EvoBus, M.A.N and Solaris.

On the bus side, they work with both, the OEM's and TIER2 Suppliers including; Bode Doors, Ventura, VaporStone, Vapor Bus Doors, Q�Straint, Masats and many more.


Providing excellence in connectivity solutions:   The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading international manufacturer of electrical and optical interconnectivity components and systems. As a Connected Mobility and kitted solutions provider, we combine technological capabilities in the three core fields of Radio Frequency, Fiber Optics and Low Frequency.  Our large portfolio of mobile antennas and RF components, Databus cables, fiber optic cables and connectivity management systems, traction cables and inter-vehicle jumpers have been designed specifically for deployment in both on-board vehicle and trackside railway networks.   Our cables meet rigorous global standards including NFPA 130, EN45545, and GOST. No other company delivers the knowledge and experience in optimizing link budgets and system performance for rolling stock, stations and tunnels, trackside and control centers with over 30 years of successful global installations. 

Huber + Suhner Transportation Microsite

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KLI is a certified DBE / WBE firm. KLI is also an ISO certified manufacturer of specialty electro-mechanical assemblies, cables and harnesses for use in applications such as ticket vending machines, computers, and telecommunications equipment. KLI specializes in manufacturing these parts for various uses in public transportation and other industries.


Transit Associates offers on site quality inspection services, vehicle engineering, vehicle procurement and project management assistance, warranty service work, as well as retrofit, campaign and repair work on both bus and rail vehicles. Transit Associates has the ability to draw upon an extensive list of DBE/MBE and various firms to provide assistance, guidance, manpower and material to assist clients.

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