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KLI is a manufacturer of specialty electro-mechanical, pc board, electronic, cable & harness assemblies, for use in applications such as ticket vending machines, computers, and telecommunications equipment in the public transportation, aircraft and aerospace industries.

Located in Streamwood Illinois, KLI Incorporated is DBE/MBE/WBE certified with numerous councils throughout the United States. Since 1987, KLI has successfully established itself as a reputable supplier to both government and private industry.

KLI is structured to meet the quality standards of military and commercial specifications at low-cost. Whether you have large or small scale assembly requirements, KLI is competitively priced.
Dedicated to ISO standards, KLI performs inspections and tests throughout the production process.

Short-run prototype assemblies are one of KLI's specialties. We stand ready to help you achieve the highest quality product at an affordable cost.

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KLI takes great pride in its workmanship, and is dedicated to precision quality products, responsive service and competitive pricing. Let KLT make you one of its many satisfied customers.

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